Card of the Day: Feb. 21, 2021 — Strength

Card of the Day: Strength
"Give me strength!"
This is the call for help often associated with this card. But it can also indicate where someone has strength, reserves of strength that someone has not yet used.

In the past, it often indicates where strength has been misused, and now the consequences of that action make themselves evident. In the future, it may mean someone has need to apply or use strength -- usually the client who has requested the reading. But, not always -- sometimes this strength may be used against the client or querent.

Looking at the card design, there is quiet confidence as well -- see how the woman works with the lion. She appears to be using her bare hands to close its mouth. She is the stronger of the two, even though she has a wreath of flowers on her head. It's that combination of strength and fragility together that helps a client overcome a situation. 

Notice the infinity sign above her head; it is the same sign above the head of the The Magician. ThinkThere is an infinite reserve of strength, or a limitless supply of courage, capability and competence. Strength most often is a "good" or "positive" card in a reading.

Strength is a quality we could all make use of during trying times.

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