I’m Roland, the owner of Integrity Tarot Consulting.

Most often, I help people solve career/work and job-related issues, or family or romantic relationship problems.

Career/Work and Job Issues

  • Do you feel trapped in a soul-sucking job? Are you not sure if there is a way to make a change or if you have to stick with it just for the insurance? 
  • Do you feel like walking out of your job every day -- and never coming back? 
  • Do you imagine yourself in a different kind of job but have no idea how you could get there?
  • Do you feel like you should be much farther ahead -- earning more money, or with a better title -- than you are at your age? 
  • Do you sometimes feel like an imposter, like you have no business doing the job you have?

These example questions are often the tip of the iceberg for my clients. I have helped those who feel stuck in jobs that aren't right for them get unstuck and find more rewarding work.

I've also helped people build their networks, gain promotions, and solve problems with managers and coworkers. 

I do this using the insight provided through Tarot, in addition to my own professional background and experience.

Not only have I used specific techniques to improve my own career, I have helped others figure out what they needed to change and then make those changes happen.

Family and Romantic Relationships

  • On the relationship side, I have helped people dealing with a variety of relationship concerns, from those in the early stages of a relationship, to issues in long-term marriages, as well as parenting and child-related problems.
  • Of course there have also been cases when the issue concerned in-laws or other family members.  

You may wonder where to start, if something in your life is not the way you want it to be. 

To find out if working with me could help you, please use the Contact form below to send me a message. Ask me anything you would like.

Your message will drop into my email box, and I’ll promptly respond. Through email or a brief phone conversation, we can talk about your concern, and determine how working together, through virtual live online Tarot coaching sessions, can help you solve your problem.

Thank you for your interest in learning how I can help you.