About Integrity Tarot Consulting

My name is Roland, and I have been reading Tarot cards for decades. I have provided hundreds of Tarot readings to clients on topics ranging from job/work life concerns to marital and family relationships, and other topics.

Most of the work I do with people breaks down into two areas: Work, Job and Career Problems, or Relationship Problems. 

Here are some examples of the kinds of concerns clients resolved with me.

There are many more questions and other types of problems, but these are just a few examples of some that you may have asked yourself, or that you wrestle or struggle with.

Together, we can determine jour question, find the answers and identify the action steps you need to take.

Work/Job and Career Problems:

You may not know where to start, or exactly what needs to change. You may only know that something in your work life or career is not "working" for you.

Questions can swirl in your mind, like:

  • Do I want or need to change careers completely?
  • Should I move to a different position inside my organization?
  • Do I want to continue to do the same type of job, but in a different organization?
  • Should I learn new or different skills?
  • Do I have skills I'm not using that I should find a way to use?

Relationship Problems:

You may not know where to start, or exactly what needs to change. You may only know that something in your marriage, family or an important friendship is not the way is should be, or the way you would like it to be.

Questions can swirl in your mind, like:

  • Is this person I've been seeing "The One"? 
  • How can I get my child to behave, or do better in school?
  • My marriage or romantic relationship is definitely on the rocks. What should we do? Is this just a rough patch, or is something more seriously wrong with our relationship?
  • I think we may need to move. How can we handle this, especially with our children?

More About Me

My work experience includes years as a Director of Career Services in a university, and as a Change Management, Performance, and Training and Development Consultant in service and manufacturing industries.

I have worked for privately and publicly owned companies with thousands of employees, and for small consulting firms with fewer than a dozen employees.

My professional Human Resources and Learning & Development experience helps me as a Tarot consultant.  

I look forward to working with you. Please use this link to visit my Contact form. You can send me a message or question on anything that concerns you and I will respond promptly.