About Roland and Integrity Tarot Consulting

I’m Roland, the owner of Integrity Tarot Consulting.

I provide Tarot readings and coaching sessions. This means I use Tarot cards and coaching techniques to help people solve job, career, business and personal/romantic or family relationship problems and concerns.

  • Credibility: I have helped others figure out what they needed to change and then make those changes happen. In addition, I have solved specific problems and managed my own life effectively using techniques that provide results.  
  • Breadth of experience: I have worked for private and public companies -- from small firms with fewer than ten employees to global Fortune 500 organizations with thousands of employees. 
  • Career background: Having served as a Director of Career Services in a university, I have also been a Change Management and Training and Development Consultant in the corporate world.
  • Relationship and family: I have been successfully married for years, have experienced several personal relationships, and have lived through many situations regarding family and personal relationships. Trust me when I say that I can address your relationship, family, or romantic concern with empathy.

You may feel like you are the only person who has had to deal with the problem you're experiencing, but I can assure that you are not. That can give you hope.

Working together with me, you can gain the clarity and confidence you need, and figure out the right path forward.

I look forward to working with you. Please use this link to visit my Contact form. You can send me a message or question on anything that concerns you and I will respond promptly.