Card of the Day: Feb. 20, 2021 — King of Wands

The King of Wands represents an older man, often described as passionate and animated. Frequently someone who grew up in the country, the King of Wands may be outdoorsy, often a hunter or sportsman. If he did not grow up in the country, he may gravitate to that setting and be comfortable in nature, in gardens, woods or deserts.

Note the lion on the back of his throne -- the lion represents strength and power in a natural setting. Remember that the lion is traditionally the King of the Jungle. He commands respect.

This man may also be a teacher or educator -- thinking of the Wands suit being one of development. The concept of development is a significant one. I've found that the card often indicates an area where someone will develop skills or abilities, or an area where one should or could enhance skills. It can also indicate a talent from childhood that has been dormant and which will come back to life many years later.

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