Card of the Day: May 26, 2021 — The Moon  

Today there will be a total Lunar Eclipse. So this makes it a very good day to consider The Moon, card 18 of the  Major Arcana. Specifically, the eclipse will be at 5° Sagittarius 26′. The eclipse will be visible in Australia, parts of the Western United States, Western South America, and Southeast Asia.

So then, The Moon. Traditionally The Moon represents the subconscious.  This opens up the whole can of worms concerning what we think and why we do things that we may not be conscious of.

This includes dreams that we may have when we are asleep, and things we may do out of habit or out of a desire we aren’t aware of.  This is one of those cards that awakens us to things that we do or did that we may look back on and ask ourselves, “What was I thinking?”

This doesn’t mean everything that happens around The Moon is bad or undesirable. Often The Moon can provide clues to what we want or what we are driving toward, but have not declared a conscious intent about.
This is where the topic of the reading and the cards surrounding The Moon can provide valuable clues to what the subconscious motivation may be. Bringing that up to the surface is often very helpful.

"You want this — and you’ve wanted it for a long time — but you didn’t realize you wanted it ," can be what The Moon  says.  

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