Clues to a Successful Future -- Part 2!

Clues to a Successful Future -- Part 2!
On May 5, I posted Step 1 of a process I called “Clues to a Successful Future.”  The first step consisted of developing a list of 20 examples of accomplishments from your life.

The next step is much simpler to describe. It will also make clear why the first step, which can definitely take a while to do, calls for creating a list of 20 different accomplishments.

Now, Step 2:
From the list you created, choose your favorite or “key” seven accomplishments. These are the ones that are the most meaningful and significant to you.

This step can be more productive, and can give you some great insights, if you choose one from each of four times of your life: childhood, your teenage years, your work or professional life and your non-work life. Then, to get to your key seven, add three more from any time period.

The most important thing to remember is that you do need to choose seven accomplishments, which will be enough to show you patterns, or even a single pattern.

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