Clues to a Successful Future Technique -- Step 4

I have written three posts on the Clues to a Successful Future technique.

Those first three posts covered Steps 1, 2 and 3:
Step 1 : Think about and write down 20 accomplishments from your life. I documented this on May 5.
Step 2: Narrow that list down to seven accomplishments -- your favorite and the ones that are most significant to you. I posted this step on May 17.
Step 3: Write a step-by-step description of each accomplishment. I posted this on June 4.

Now, it's time for Step 4.

STEP 4: Look for the things that your stories have in common.  What are the skills, strengths, drivers that have helped you be most effective when you've made those accomplishments?

Write down those commonalities - -the things that have repeated in your life that have motivated you and enabled you to be successful.

You'll see characteristics and qualities in how you accomplished those achievements that resonate and you remember most proudly.

Write them down -- describe those skills, strengths and drivers.

You will find that some repeating items —patterns — will be easier to spot and identify than others. If you are stumped, ask a friend — someone who knows you well and who will also be honest with you. This other person’s viewpoint can help you identify the patterns, the “things your best accomplishments have in common,” more quickly than if you do this by yourself.

That will complete Step 4.

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