A Tarot Consultation Can Give You Options

We often carry out our daily lives doing what people expect of us, which often means doing what we have done before.

The Tarot can provide you with alternatives you have not considered. For example, if you are considering a difficult relationship with a coworker, you might react to things this peer says and does in ways that you have "always reacted." Maybe this is because this coworker is pushing the same button in you over and over. And you are responding in a predictable way.

However, your Tarot consultation could provide an alternative to you, one that you haven't considered before. I might suggest responding in the way of one of the Major Arcana cards, for example, which could be vastly different from the way you have traditionally responded.

Perhaps the Hierophant might lead you to understand a new way of approaching this relationship, one that you can explore with me, your Tarot consultant. During your reading you might not only consider responding in a way appropriate for the Hierophant. You could choose a specific way to respond in the future, bringing about a different feeling in yourself and a different result from your coworker. This is just one way a Tarot consultation can help you.

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