Hypothetical Reading: May 24, 2023 -- The Chariot, The Hanged Man and Seven of Swords

If these cards came up in response to a particular question, this is how I would read only three cards.

Let's say "Susan" is having difficulty with a coworker ("Barb") who has been over-dominant in meetings.

If I pull three cards to focus on current situation, approach and likely outcome, I'd interpret these cards this way.

The Chariot, reversed, tells me that things have stalled. The relationship is not as good as it could be, and it is not moving forward.

The Hanged Man is usually an indicator of stalemate. However, in this case, it represents the action that Susan needs to take, to change the stalemated situation and influence Barb to behave differently.

Does the third card give more of a clue to the action Susan could take to improve the situation?

The Seven of Swords indicates someone who is taking swords away -- it appears he may be stealing them. Essentially Barb is stealing or taking away from value that Susan could provide by dominating Susan in meetings.

Susan could have a conversation with Barb that goes like this.

After getting permission to give feedback Barb, she could tell Barb, "When you interrupt me and speak over me at meetings -- when I'm covering something that is my responsibility -- it reduces my effectiveness and prevents others from hearing what I think, delivered in the way I want to deliver it."

Focusing on the objective impact of Barb's behavior is a less volatile way to discuss what Barb does than bringing up how Barb makes Susan feel.

Sometimes you want to tell about your feelings, but that may not be the most persuasive approach.

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