June 10, 2023 – The Moon

June 10, 2023 – The Moon
The Moon traditionally signifies the unknown and secrets, along with anxiety, confusion and risk.
In short, it is tied to those situations, behaviors, or actions that are not clearly understood. The emotion The Moon often connects with is fear.

This card is from the Color Outside the Lines edition of the Life Line Tarot, by Thomas, of Hermits Mirror. It is a beautiful deck.

When situations are uncertain, our fears can overwhelm. We can imagine a myriad things that could happen in the future -- if we are laid off, if we are pushed out of our organization in a political disagreement, or if we become seriously ill.

If something bad and unexpected happens,  we can develop irrational fantasies and fears, and our imaginations can quickly focus on the worst possible series of events or outcomes.

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