June 13, 2023 – Nine of Cups

June 13, 2023 – Nine of Cups
If you are fulfilled, happy, and you have things that make you feel good, great even, this is the Nine of Cups.

Not quite to the degree of complete fulfillment as the Ten of Cups, the Nine is on the verge.

This is the “not quite yet” nature of this card.

If you are feeling that you are on the way to a state of high achievement, but you haven’t reached the pinnacle yet, this is one of those times the “Why?” question can be extremely helpful.

If you have compromised in some way, and you have prevented yourself from reaching the pinnacle, was this a deliberate decision or choice?  Did you endure something unpleasant that prevented you from reaching the peak? Does anyone else know?

Or does reaching the pinnacle not really matter? That may be the more stoic approach.

What would you need to get to the peak? What would you need to do or bring about? And just as important, what could someone else do to enable you to get to the top?

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