June 5, 2023 – Nine of Coins (Pentacles)

June 5, 2023 – Nine of Coins (Pentacles)
The Nine of Coins in the Somnia  Tarot deck by Nicolas Bruno is quite different from the Waite deck design by Pamela Colman Smith.  Smith's design features a garden very prominently, with a woman in the foreground, and the pentacles or coins nestled in the greenery. Bruno puts the coins on a fence, as if they were trophies in a case.

Do you have all the trophies, coins or pentacles you may want? By "coins" I mean assets, objects, material possessions. If you are employed, is your compensation in alignment with your worth?

According to a Gartner survey of 3500 employed people from the second half of 2022, nearly 70% of the workforce doesn't believe they're paid fairly. Only 32% of workers said they are paid equitably/fairly.

The question wasn't about whether respondents thought they were paid "enough," or "too much" or "too little." (A la Goldilocks.)  The question was one of equity -- an objective way to ask the question.

Although we are often told we should not compare ourselves to others, it is difficult to avoid making comparisons. It's very natural to wonder how we are doing relative to others.

Unfortunately, we often compare ourselves to people who are not truly comparable to us, for reasons we don't know. They may be dealing with issues and complications we are ignorant of, and they may have had different career histories compared to our own.

Those with more assets than we have may have benefited from circumstances beyond their control. More often than not, the universe has played a part in their success that they may be reluctant to recognize.

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