Mercury Retrograde Starts May 29, 2021

Mercury went Retrograde (by making its Retrograde Station) in Gemini (24º 43") on May 29 at 10:34 pm Universal Time, 6:34 am EDT and 3:34 pm PDT.
It will be in retrograde motion in June 22, when it will make its Direct Station and begin moving forward again.

Mercury going retrograde does not mean that everything will go wrong in your life. It may mean that things that are naturally more inclined to slow down are more likely to do so. You may find that you are not so quick to form an opinion or make a decision.

People who owe you things like return email messages may not get back to you as quickly as they otherwise would.

Mercury retrograde is notorious for package delivery slowdowns or for things to simply be lost, only to be found in a month or two later.

One of the most useful things to do during a Mercury retrograde is to look back and reflect.  Take a look back at your life during the last Mercury retrograde — which was from January 30 through most of the month of February of this year.  See what happened around you, in terms of circumstances.

Think about the things that you decided or took deliberate action on. How did they progress? Did you change your mind about things you started moving toward — or away from — in February?  Just pay attention to what happened in February and March. And don’t be surprised if something similar happens this June or July.

Above all, please don’t panic during this — or any — Mercury retrograde.  The  next one will begin in September and last into October.

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