Reading for the day: May 31, 2023 -- Queen of Cups

Reading for the day: May 31, 2023 -- Queen of Cups

On the last day of May, the spirit of the card is warm, benevolent, and considerate.

With Court Cards it often helps to think about the people you are likely to come into contact with today. Look for an opportunity to speak to or participate in a meeting with someone who has the genuinely helpful qualities of the Queen of Cups.

Unlike some of the Court cards, this Queen is not “on” the water — she is beside it. She is close to those unsteady waters, on ground that appears sandy and rocky.

There is a castle high on a cliff in the background — but the Queen is not in that castle. She is taking a risk by being so close to the water — yet she appears comfortable, gazing into her cup.

In our jobs and work, we can benefit from caring about those we work with. Showing concern and care for our coworkers and managers is a form of risk-taking, of being closer to the water on soft or sandy ground.

Sometimes taking a calculated risk makes sense. Today can be one of those days.

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