Tarot Card of the Day: April 18, 2022 -- Eight of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day: April 18, 2022 -- Eight of Pentacles
"Let's get down to work!" cries the Eight of Pentacles.

The suit is associated most often with achievement and material goods, rewards and compensation. It also reminds you that rewards don't come for nothing -- it takes artisanship and effort to do things that bring rewards your way.

The craftsman sits on his workbench, hammering the pentacles, consistently producing one after another, which he has hung on his wall.  This implies the reproducible result -- the outcome of consistent application of effort.

Notice that the city is in the background -- this reminds us that the work happens in a context -- the town is where he will go to sell his pentacles (presumably).
It is a rather ideal card for a Monday.

What have you been putting effort into lately? Has it been producing the results you've expected? Or have you been underwhelmed by what you've accomplished?

Remember, this question can apply to your "day job," how you earn your living. It can also apply to a hobby or activity that you put effort into as a volunteer, at your church, in another organization, or elsewhere.

The point is, what do you want to accomplish by the end of this week (if you're reading this on a Monday, or the start of your week, whatever day that falls on).

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