Tarot Card of the Day: Aug. 29, 2022 — Judgement

Tarot Card of the Day: Aug. 29, 2022 — Judgement

At first Judgement sounds bad. It can make you think of a mid-year or annual performance review.

It can bring to mind a "feedback" session with your manager, when you learned about something you should do better.

It can also mean something very positive, as in being named "Employee of the Month" or being positively recognized for something you achieved or accomplished.... like the time a client called with a huge problem, and you came up with a unique and new solution that solved or seriously improved the client's situation.

More often than not, when the card appears, you could evaluate a situation and determine if there is something you should do differently. For example -- it is smart to think about what you're doing in a relationship with someone at work, and decide if there is anything you should "stop, start or continue" doing.

It's even better to check in with (ask) others. We may think that everything is great with the relationship, but there could be room for improvement.

But you won't know that unless you ask the other person.

Ask someone important you work with if, in the context of your working relationship, there is something you should "stop doing," because it's not helping, or "start doing" because it would would provide greater value or benefit. Also ask if there are things you do that are providing the expected results and benefits. If you learn some things you do provide a lot of value, those are things you should consciously "continue doing."

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