Tarot Card of the Day: August 9, 2021 — The Tower

Tarot Card of the Day:  August 9, 2021 — The Tower
The Tower indicates destruction, disruption and catastrophe.

Although many people fear Death, The Tower indicates even greater calamity.  If the question concerns marriage, then this card seems to indicate possible divorce or at the least, boulders or an iceberg ahead.

If the focus is financial, then bankruptcy, massive losses may be on the horizon. 

If the concern is business or one’s career, then dismissal, layoff,  job change, client loss, or loss of capital or investment value are among the concerns.

These things are all disruptive. But one of the important things to remember when considering these possibilities is the “worst case scenario.” What is the worst thing that could happen? It is actually smart to think about these scenarios.

It doesn’t make sense to dwell on them or obsess over them, but it is smart to have a plan for what to do if “the worst“ happens.

Most of us have auto insurance, homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies, and many of us have health insurance policies. These are things to help us manage if “the worst”happens.

Bottom line: It is always smart to have a Plan B.

We shouldn’t panic when The Tower appears in a reading. But it can remind us to think strategically and tactically about potential challenges. Are you prepared? Do you have an emergency fund saved up? Do you have insurances? These are practical tools that will help you cope if you experience an unexpected emergency.

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