Tarot Card of the Day: December 7, 2021 — King of Swords

Tarot Card of the Day:  December 7, 2021 — King of Swords
The  King of Swords  depicts the king on his throne, seated outdoors. The sky is light blue, but there are clouds in the background. His throne is perched atop rocks and earth. There is not a large body of water nearby, unlike other court cards that depict the court figure  on land with water nearby, or on the water, with land visible in the foreground.
Usually associated with clarity and truth, the King of Swords also represents action. If he appears in your reading, being mindful of where he falls in the story is critical. Does he represent the person you are trying to become? Or is he someone whose qualities you expressed more vividly in the past? Often we think that Court cards represents people who are going to enter our lives, but that is not always the case. Frequently the card represents the person the querent is  developing into.
The King's golden crown sits evenly perched atop his head, and his face wears a serious expression. He holds his sword upright in his hand, I have always wondered why the King of Swords, the strongest and most action-oriented of the suits. His robes are not deep burgundy or dark blue, or any dark color at all.
Many of the cards in the suit of Swords depict action -- people are doing things with swords, often carrying them. Or, the swords are lined up in some fashion, like a fence. In this case, the King is simply holding the sword upright -- he's not threatening anyone with it; he's holding it like a scepter. It's almost like a wand he's holding.
Given his pale blue robe, he appears a fairly gentle, even helpful or benevolent figure, even though he's holding a sword, which can be an instrument of death or destruction.
The King Swords is a man of contradictions.

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