Tarot Card of the Day: February 17, 2022 — Knight of Wands

Tarot Card of the Day: February 17,  2022 — Knight of Wands
The sky is blue, and the horse is sorrel-colored. The man on horseback wears a suit of armor and a long yellow tunic, decorated with salamanders. The salamander is traditionally represent immortality, as well as fire.
So, what of this man on horseback? He can be the rescue, the rebirth -- the traditional "knight in shining armor," to a degree. He is also on the move.
So then, with movement, we have change, progress, physically or psychologically traveling to a destination. He can help you. But he could also mean you helping yourself. Yes -- you propelling yourself to a new place, or being reborn or renewed. And yes, this could mean with a relationship, or with your work -- changing the job, or changing the place you work.
Remember, Wands represent gradual, versus sudden change. So, this change or travel is not likely to be sudden or unexpected. It's more likely to be a change that was strategically identified as necessary and valuable. And it was, or will be, part of a plan.

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