Tarot Card of the Day: July 11, 2022 -- Death

Tarot Card of the Day: July 11, 2022 -- Death

Death typically represents the end of something. A relationship, job, or some part of yourself.

This can be liberating, because once the end has passed, the opportunity for renewal arrives.

But in order to experience that renewal, the death has to truly move into the past. Even if it’s painful, giving up something can be nearly impossible. Memories can torment us. Regret or self-doubt may creep back in. Fear of giving up what you know can hold you back.

You might be relieved that something is over, like a relationship that has outlasted its value. Once you have released it, you can be open to the new possibilities.

But not until you have released it.

Death can point to something whose time has passed. But recognizing that is rarely easy. And closing the door on that thing can be one of the hardest things you ever do.

Have you ever struggled to let something go?

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