Tarot Card of the Day: July 27, 2021 — Justice

Tarot Card of the Day: July 27, 2021 — Justice
Justice is about the right, best solution to problems. It is also about a just, right and balanced outcomes. If you are dealing with a difficult situation, the right outcome is favorable.

This may concern situations on the job, or in your or someone else’s personal, romantic or family life.

If you are trying to make a decision, think carefully about the different possible outcomes, who may benefit, and who may be harmed. It may be that someone benefits more than another.

But, if the person who does better should do better because of what he or she has already done, then that may be a perfectly fine outcome.

Think about your past behavior. If you have sone something you are not proud of, or something you wish you hadn’t done, you may need to pay a price. And that may be the most just and appropriate outcome.

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