Tarot Card of the Day: July 6, 2021 — Six of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day: July 6, 2021 — Six of Pentacles
The Six of Pentacles represents things given -- gifts, charity, and benefits.

And it also represents receiving, benefiting, and gaining.

One of the most interesting parts of the design is the scale in the benefactor's left hand. There is a certain justice and rightness to the use of the scale -- he seems to be giving equally, or appropriately, to those on the ground beneath him.

Will the person receiving this card as part of a Tarot consulting session be the benefactor — or the recipient? Sometimes it is difficult to know. If you are the receiver of the reading or consultation, you may think you need to receive something, because that will solve the problem, or a “lack of” something in your life.

However, maybe the greater benefit could come to you as a result of your giving something to another, or several others. That may be the greater likelihood.

"Alms for the poor!" is so often the quote that pops into my head when I see this card. 

Am I the poor? Or am I the one giving alms?

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