Tarot Card of the Day: July 7,  2021 — The Emperor

Tarot Card of the Day: July 7,  2021 — The Emperor
The Emperor is power, control and mastery. But he seems to have more power and control than, for example, The Magician. With his dark red robe, his massive and stony throne adorned with ram heads, he exudes authority. Or Authority.

There are no other figures in the card — no helpers or servants kneeling or lurking in the background. Just The Emperor. His armor suit shines prominently as it protects his legs, and his pointed feet could hurt you if he kicked you, hard.

Think about where you are strong — where your authority is not likely to be questioned. This where The Emperor wields his influence in your life. This is where you have great credibility.

Is there evil or malice? No, not by The Emperor alone. But in conjunction with other cards, The Emperor could exert harmful influence. He could make your life very difficult.

Or, he could be very beneficial. He could bring great opportunity, or he could signal a fantastic outcome — perhaps greater than you might have imagined.

“Please don’t try to obstruct me,” The Emperor could say.

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