Tarot Card of the Day: July 8, 2021 — Seven of Pentacles

"What wine shall we make this year?" Or, "How will the wine we make this year taste?"

Leaning on his hoe, the young man in the Seven of Pentacles gazes at the pentacles on the vines, like grapes. He looks very uncertain. These fruits are not yet ready to harvest. The sky is gray, and there is no bright sunlight overhead. Some of the grapes are green, and others are brownish.  But, this doesn't mean that the fruit will rot on the vine, or the wine won't be good. It may be wonderful. The wine made with these particular grapes, could be fantastic.

This is one of those "not yet settled" cards. A bit like The Hanged Man, but in this case, it's different. Whereas The Hanged Man concerns power, or lack of power, the Seven of Pentacles usually concerns rewards or a tangible harvest of some sort. When this card appears in the past it's often good to ask whether the client has made the best use of the harvest. Sometimes there is more that can be done, to harvest something better. 

The focus is on results here -- and it pulls one's mind forward to the outcome, away from the process and all the steps. It pulls the mind forward to the tangible "something" that is to come or that will happen.

“Wait and see, but don't lose hope,” The Seven of Pentacles can say.

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