Tarot Card of the Day: June 12, 2021 — Justice

The Major Arcana card Justice brings up issues of fairness, as well as right and wrong. It also often relates to the resolution of situations.
If Justice appears in your tarot spread, does it mean that you will be called for jury duty? Not necessarily. It could mean that a legal issue is going to be resolved, perhaps a divorce or business issue. More often, something that has been brewing or simmering is either going to come to a boil, or it will stop bubbling — as if the heat has been turned off.
Does this mean that everything always turns out in the best way possible for everyone? No, definitely not. The rest of the cards can tell us where the issue will likely go for the client, depending on how he, she or they behave. As we know, life is not fair. Justice can appear very lopsided, as opposed to being equally balanced.
“This business will settle down and soon be over,” Justice can say.

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