Tarot Card of the Day: June 28, 2022 -- Two of Pentacles

Juggling, balancing opposing forces. The Two of Pentacles can warn you of trouble or an opportunity ahead. You are likely to find yourself trying to bring something about, and this could be difficult. Sometimes a burden is too much, and sometimes you find that you have abilities that you did not previously realize you had.

You could be dealing with a new job. Or a project that has gone sideways. Or a person who is making your life miserable -- either intentionally or not. It could be a long-simmering painful situation, such as infidelity, or divorce.

While Pentacles can indicate work and the rewards of one's career, the card can indicate doing your "day job" while juggling a "side hustle." And for some that is the case. But whether those are the specifics or not, it indicates a challenge, and if you overcome the challenge, you can triumph.

That is where the opportunity lies. If you move outside your comfort zone and try to do something you didn't think you could do, you can -- with effort, certainly -- achieve something very significant and rewarding.

Is this always applicable to a work or career matter? No -- there can be a combination of other types of problems, such as one concerning a child and another concerning your job, or one concerning a family member and a non-family matter. The idea is that this is a case in which you are dealing with more than one "thing" that challenges you.

Have you dealt with a situation like this before? Did you give up on one or both of the challenges? Or did you succeed on both of the challenges?

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