Tarot Card of the Day: March 15, 2021 -- Five of Pentacles

This is a very appropriate card for March 15, The Ides of March. As we may remember from history and Shakespeare, March 15 is the date that Julius Caesar met his end at the hands of several conspirators, including Cassius and Brutus, in 44 B.C. 
If we set that grim history aside, what does the Five of Pentacles mean for us? On its face, it depicts a couple who appear impoverished and disadvantaged, wandering past a church on a snowy night. This is a "dark night of the soul" card. Does it mean that something bad is going to happen? Not necessarily.
While the Five of Pentacles can mean challenges or hardships, it also expresses how we view our circumstances. We can view ourselves as victims, or as effective managers of our own lives. Have you faced extreme hardships? Have you struggled to overcome them, or have you triumphed? Are you wrestling with demons now? Will you win? Or is your future uncertain?
You can succeed against the forces that are working against you. But you may need to apply some new approaches and try things you haven’t tried before. That can be scary. But until you try, you won’t know.

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