Tarot Card of the Day: May 10, 2021 — The Hanged Man

Tarot Card of the Day: May 10, 2021 — The Hanged Man
Rhere is a lot to unpack in this card. First, we have someone suspended upside down, from a T-shaped cross. That seems bleak. At first, this brings to mind someone trapped, not in control. For many obvious reasons, the card can indicate a victim, if not of his own actions, of circumstances, or of the people who have hung him up there.
However, the branches are not barren, but full of leaves.
And the man hanging here is only hanging by one foot — his other foot and leg almost make him look like he could be dancing, upside down.
Look at the expression in his face — not smiling, but not frowning — this does not look like a person experiencing some sort of torture.
And his tights — they are red. They are not gray, or
black, or dark blue or green. They are red — bright red. There are so many positive or almost lighthearted elements in this card. It does not have the “doom” feeling of so many cards in the Major Arcana.
What of his halo — does this indicate holiness or something else?
Then, he’s hanging around, waiting. So often this card indicates a situation in transition, shifting from one scenario to another.
The Hanged Man almost says, “Stay tuned, wait and see what happens next. I am not going to just hang here forever.”

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