Tarot Card of the Day: May 14, 2022 -- Eight of Wands

Tarot Card of the Day: May 14, 2022 -- Eight of Wands
If you have been dreaming of changing something, this card can help you. How? With eight arrows flying through the air in an elegant formation, the Eight of Wands indicates movement.
Movement means something is not where it was. It could mean that you may be moving physically -- are you considering relocating? Or, something else could be moving. Your heart could be moving in a new direction -- a feeling or intuitive sense could be pulling or pushing you in a different direction.
Or, your brain, your thoughts may be moving. Perhaps you have considered something in a certain way, held a fixed opinion about it, but now you find your thinking shifting.
Remember, timing is often very fluid in the Tarot, so when this card appears it can mean that a change has happened or is going to happen soon.
The point is that this change in location or placement is about something moving from where it once was.  Location is also relative -- it may be a point on a line, relative to another point on a line. Or it could be a city, relative to another city.
We often are not aware of where something is until we consider where it could be.
Think of this as well: atoms are always in motion. However: often, it is only when a group of atoms has organized into a "thing" or "entity" that we become conscious of it.
And once we become conscious of that thing (it could be an object, or more figuratively, it could be a thought, opinion or idea), then we are aware of "where it is," in terms of location.
All this means that those eight wands moving through the air are drawing attention to other things in our lives that are moving. If it's shifting, it's not remaining static. That is the most important thing: that static, fixed thing, whatever it may be, is no longer so static, not so stationary.
What are the things or ideas in your life that have begun to change their location, to move, recently? 

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