Tarot Card of the Day:  October 15, 2021 — Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is about action based on knowledge and understanding. Although she is feminine, she has a traditionally masculine power and strength. When making decisions and taking action, be sure you have all the facts before you initiate something.

Is this about the use of “brute force”? No, it is much more likely to be action based on knowledge and insight.

Does it mean action that you will or could take? Not necessarily. It could well point to someone more experienced or older than you, who takes action or could take action that would affect you drastically.
In addition, usually there is a wisdom component — it is insight and vision that brings about the right or best action.

What about a couple of elements in the Waite deck — the clouds and the wind? Notice the winds blowing the trees in the lower left. This often indicates “change,” but it can also indicate unease about the decision you may consider. The same is true of the clouds — although the sky is predominantly blue and clear, those clouds provide a bit of a warning. It is necessary to make the decision after you have considered all the various options and possible outcomes of your action.

Does the Queen of  Swords always indicate that you will or should take action? No,  it could point to a decision, as much as a result or outcome. This means that you could make a decision that won’t have visible effects for quite a long time. The “action” is just making the decision or setting your intention.

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