Tarot Card of the Day: Sept. 19, 2022 — Nine of Swords

Tarot Card of the Day: Sept. 19, 2022 — Nine of Swords

Sorrow and the dark night of the soul. These may be the first words that come to mind when the Nine of Swords appears in a reading.

We have experienced great pain or anguish, worry and anxiety. Those feelings are inevitable parts of living a human life.

They occur at times of loss, and when something bad might happen — in times of great risk.

Do we worry, fret and stew when times are good, anticipating the pain that will cross our path? We may, although that is not likely the best course of action for daily behavior.

Challenges we cannot meet and events we had not prepared for are ahead of us. We know this because we have experienced them already.

And we have survived those painful, difficult times.

We can learn from those awful experiences, and come through them better prepared for similar events in the future. We can also prepare better for the predictable and unpredictable incidents, as well as those dark days or weeks.

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