Tarot Card of the Day: September 24, 2021 — Two of Wands

Tarot Card of the Day:  September 24, 2021 — Two of Wands
The two of wands sometimes it is all about looking outside oneself to the possibilities available. if you’ve been relying on strategies and tactics that have always served you well in the past, and the Two of Wands comes up — particularly if it’s in a forward-looking part of the layout — it is probably suggesting you consider ideas that you have not tried before.
It can indicate travel, reading or other forms of exploration. It may point toward a change in work, if not a change in the work that you’re doing, it can indicate a need to think about whether you may want to do that work for a different organization.
As you think about new possibilities and how you might use a new approach to something, think about how you can have support through the process. Notice how the young man is using one of those two wands to support himself as he stands on the roof of the castle and looks out on the landscape.

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