Tarot Musings: April 1, 2023

Tarot Musings: April 1, 2023

Two cards for today: Ace of Swords and Five of Cups

New beginnings. Where to make a fresh start?

Reinvention is something that we can do several times in our lives. It can happen to us, without our initiating it, or we can make it happen by manifesting a series of events.

I hesitate to use that word "manifesting," because it sounds much more "woo woo" than I'm usually comfortable with. But sometimes, it's the right word, in the sense of bringing about a situation or circumstance.

What can make you ready for a fresh start? Ah, this is where the sadness of the Five of Cups comes in. If you have tried several things and they haven't worked for you, if they haven't manifested the situation you want, then it's time to try something new.

Think of it this way: if you invested $1000 in a mutual fund that has turned out to perform really badly, and you've lost money for the last six months, it may be time to cut your losses, sell those shares, and put the money toward a smarter, better investment: one that will manifest the kinds of results you want.

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