Tarot Musings: April 12, 2023 — Juggling

Tarot Musings: April 12, 2023  — Juggling

When you are doing one job while simultaneously trying to land a different job, you are juggling.

Completing dozens of online applications at dozens of companies can get you — eventually — where you want to go.

But it can feel like you’re juggling dozens of balls at once.

Because you are.

Focusing on a single organization can get you better results.

Get information about a need that company has.

And provide value to that company through a proposal you share with a key person at that company.

If you are trying to land a new job, targeting your effort in the right way, with the right action steps, can enable you to achieve your goal.

And you will more successfully juggle your competing goals of keeping your current position while finding another — because juggling two things is less exhausting than juggling dozens.

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