Tarot Musings: April 22, 2022 -- The Seven of Cups and The Hanged Man

Tarot Musings: April 22, 2022 -- The Seven of Cups and The Hanged Man

The Seven of Cups reminds us of our options. When we have options it's important to remember the idea of self-determination. This means that we are, could, or should be choosing things. Try not to allow others to make decisions or choices for you.

If you're considering different job opportunities, educational paths, or relationship possibilities, this is a card that resonates. Keep in mind that the way something looks like at first may not remain for the long term. Something that looks like the most attractive prize you would choose can change over time and become something you might regret choosing.

The other card we have in tandem with the Seven of Cups is The Hanged Man, which nearly means the opposite of the Seven of Cups. The person depicted is literally hanging; he is stuck, suspended, and stalemated. He's waiting for others to help him, or for something else to happen. So then, if we have these two cards together, what may they tell us?

Make a choice, and as you do it, consider whether a past choice put you in a situation where you feel you now are like The Hanged Man, waiting for someone else to do something. Or has a past choice given you the opportunity to choose from several more attractive possibilities?

If you feel "stuck," think about the options available to you, even if you think you have none. Remember that no situation lasts forever. You may use an "if this, then that" approach. Imagine the worst that could happen and identify at least one action you could take in the face of that worst possible outcome. It's always good to have a "what's the worst that could happen?" plan.

If the worst happens, what will you do?

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