Tarot Musings: Aug. 11, 2022 — Four of Cups and Nine of Pentacles

Tarot Musings: Aug. 11, 2022 — Four of Cups and Nine of Pentacles

Dissatisfaction, weariness and lack of appreciation for what you have combined with solitude and plenty.

The lack of satisfaction and appreciation for the things that should make you feel happy and good can make you ask yourself, "What's it all about?" or "Is that all there is?" But at the same time, you feel that weariness, boredom, which can veer all the way to unhappiness, you may be yearning for that life of solitude and satisfaction, that stroll through the beautiful and abundant garden.

It does not do anyone much good to have things and not appreciate them -- whether those things are a career, a life partner or spouse, security and comfort, or tangible goodies like luxury items, cash or beautiful material possessions.

Where does the satisfaction and enjoyment come for you? Is it in the feeling? Or is in what you are able to do with the things that bring you satisfaction and fulfillment? Are you one who holds onto something with the expectation that you will someday put it to use, or do you discard those things that are not obviously useful, that provide clear value in the present moment?

The Nine of Pentacles is more about enjoying the items in the present moment, and the Four of Cups tells us those things that should bring us joy in the moment are not doing that.

If you are feeling that "ennui" related to the Four of Cups, ask yourself why that may be the case. On the other hand, if you are feeling very happy and fulfilled, then the focus is more on the Nine of Pentacles. Perhaps you can find a way to feel glad about that.

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