Tarot Musings: Aug. 16, 2022 — The Hierophant Reversed and Nine of Wands

Tarot Musings: Aug. 16, 2022 — The Hierophant Reversed and Nine of Wands

The Hierophant looks to many people like a clergyman -- a bishop, minister, pastor, or other religious figure. When he shows up in a reading, the opinion of people in authority or control, and their governing bodies comes front and center.

Even if you typically are not "religious" or you claim to be a free spirit who doesn't give a flying fig what other people think....when The Hierophant is around, you are reminded to pay attention to how you look, sound, and appear to others.

More importantly, this is about how your actions look and appear to others -- what are the conclusions about you, your values, your ethics, and your personal brand, or your professional brand, can others draw from your behavior?

That said, how does the Nine of Wands complicate things, if these two cards appear together?

If you are dealing with a question related to a career or job problem, the person depicted has been injured. This can mean a work relationship that has been harmful, or a harmful event occurred.

He is holding a wand like a crutch, also indicating injury, standing on a stage or platform in front of a background or backdrop. This emphasizes even more the “being on one side” and not the other side suggested by the “dance” of wands depicted behind him.

Was the subject of the reading injured by the opinions of others? Or did the subject harm someone by leveraging a group or authority?

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