Tarot Musings: December 7, 2022 — Two of Swords and Justice

Tarot Musings: December 7, 2022 — Two of Swords and Justice

We have stalemate, indecision and uncertainty paired with outcome and decision.

In many respects these two cards represent duality, or opposing forces.

You may be wrestling with a decision, or you may have decided not to deal with a matter. You may have decided to take a “wait and see” attitude, or you may be procrastinating.

However, eventually that problem, issue or situation is going to come to center stage, and you will need to make a decision or address it, somehow, one way or another.

Even if it is something you have lived with for a very long time, something you have been willing to endure for years, if you don’t make a decision and take action, then the decision may be made for you.

Do you want someone else or some other event to have that much impact on your life?

Even if it is the “right and just” result, or an outcome you might have chosen, do you want to relinquish that authority?

The cards appear not to think so.

You can start by setting a deadline with yourself, or in conjunction with others. Deal with one aspect of the situation in some way by a date you set. You don’t have to solve the entire dilemma, but address one aspect of it, by a date.

That is one way to make progress.

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