Tarot Musings: February 20, 2023 -- Seven of Wands -- Feeling Defensive?

Tarot Musings: February 20, 2023 -- Seven of Wands -- Feeling Defensive?
This reading for you, my followers:
I pulled one card while asking about this week.
Seven of Wands
Are you feeling defensive? 
If you are feeling defensive, is it because others are coming after you, trying to harm you in some way?
Or is it because you haven't been living up to your own expectations of yourself recently? Have you not been giving 100% at work, or in an important relationship? Have you been slacking off? And if you haven't been fully committed or engaged, might this cause you to feel a little paranoid, or like others might sense weakness and come after you?
You probably aren't as guilty as you might think -- don't be so hard on yourself.
This may sound ominous, like a bit of a warning, but sometimes people ARE coming after you. Their motives can be widely varied. Sometimes, like children on a playground, they want to attack you for being different in some way.
Or they think you did something that you did not do -- but they have convicted you without trial. You may find yourself befuddled, wondering where this unpleasantly surprising thing headed your way is coming from.
Yes, this is a harsh card to start the week. But it could remind you not to make yourself too vulnerable. While showing your true self to others can cause others to open up to you and be more vulnerable in return, be careful and wise when deciding how vulnerable you should be.
On the other hand, you may need a reminder to step up a little more, give more of yourself, your energy and your talents, and and to not be afraid to jump in.
Staying true to your convictions and acting with your own authority may cause others to challenge you or your ideas. That can be helpful, as you may refine your thinking and arrive at a better conclusion, idea or proposal.

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