Tarot Musings: February 22, 2023 -- Seven of Swords

Tarot Musings: February 22, 2023 -- Seven of Swords

This reading is for you, my followers.

For today, I pulled one card. The Seven of Swords

Theft. Burglary. Larceny. Il-gotten gains.

In those red shoes and cap, he does not appear afraid of standing out. Definitely not keeping a low profile. Plus, the sun shines brightly over the landscape.

He’s watching behind himself — looking to see if anyone sees him making off with someone else’s swords.

Now, one could interpret this card very differently — he’s bringing unused swords back to “Swords R Us” to
return them. He simply bought more swords than he needed.

But no, that is not the likely scenario here.

No one else appears in the card — no one sees him committing this act.

But we all know that few acts of evil go unpunished — more cards may need to come out of the deck before the consequences appear.

But there will be consequences.

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