Tarot Musings: February 24, 2023 — The Tower and The Empress

Tarot Musings: February 24, 2023 — The Tower and The Empress

This reading is for you, my followers, for the weekend.

I pulled two cards: The Tower and The Empress

Significant change paired with peace and harmony.

Think of The Tower as the home or the environment we inhabit. Speaking more individually, it can be physical or psychological.

If a situation or environment is not healthy, then it may be necessary to tear it down, or allow outside forces to damage it, in order to bring about harmony in a more peaceful environment.

What do you want to overhaul this weekend? It could be a simple as cleaning out a closet or desk. That closet or desk, in need of redesign or reconstruction, could be represented by the Tower. Change it by pulling it apart, disassembling the current arrangement.

And once you do that necessary destruction, you can build new and put yourself in a much more serene setting.

Of course, a closet or desk can be a metaphor for something else, like a relationship or work situation in need of significant change.

Dismantling or significantly changing a marriage or job requires more care and planning than cleaning out a closet — if you don’t want to create a big mess.

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