Tarot Musings: February 25, 2023 — Four of Wands

Tarot Musings: February 25, 2023

This reading is for you, my followers, for today.
I pulled one card: Four of Wands

Today’s card seems to pick up on the second card pulled yesterday while focusing on this weekend (The Empress).

If your week was anything like mine, you experienced a lot of “unexpecteds” — did it feel like Mercury was back in retrograde, with lots of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and other mishaps during the last five days?

(The most publicly odd things that spring to mind were the horrendous weather across the country, and that Fulton County special grand jury foreperson giving interviews. Odd. Very odd.)

I felt a little better having drawn The Empress yesterday.

And today, perhaps we can take refuge in our homes.
Whether you choose to clean out a desk drawer, a closet, or just do some general “tidying” — the Four of Wands reminds us that our homes can be places of refuge, calm and happiness.

What might you do today to make your home environment as soothing and comforting for yourself as possible?

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