Tarot Musings: February 26, 2023

Tarot Musings: February 26, 2023
This reading is for you, my followers, for today.
I pulled one card:  Nine of Cups
Today’s card came up on Feb.21 as part of a two-card pull, paired with The Magician.
Today, alone, he sends the message of a long-held wish being granted. Something desired may soon be in hand.
Note this: he is sitting on a bench, which is not the most comfortable place to be. Perhaps this speaks well for the shorter-term situation, but not for permanence.
Also, this is the Nine of Cups, not the Ten. Something is not quite “there yet.” Approaching, but not landed.
Aside from “be careful what you wish for,” after you get that thing you thought you wanted, is it everything you thought it would be?
Or is there a not-quite-fulfilled quality to the wish that has been granted?

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