Tarot Musings: February 27, 2023

Tarot Musings: February 27, 2023
This reading is for you, my followers.
I pulled two cards for today: The Seven of Pentacles and The Lovers
Waiting to see what comes from those things you have only some control over. You have been waiting, and you are still waiting. The companion card is very encouraging, and we have seen this type of relationship cards in slightly different ways recently.
In terms of your work life, what can you do while you are waiting for news? Focus on the positive things you can control through your actions or your thoughts, even if your thoughts only impact yourself.
Look for someone with whom you can partner, not always romantically, but with whom you can work to bring about something good. It won't make that thing you want happen faster, but you can certainly distract yourself with something else so you don't just fret, wonder and worry.
Remember that you will want to see it in your mind before you try to harvest it. Don't rush.

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