Tarot Musings: February 3, 2023 -- What Should We Know About Self-Deception?

Tarot Musings: February 3, 2023 -- What Should We Know About Self-Deception?

This reading for you, my followers:

Today's question:
What should we know about self-deception?
I shuffled the deck and pulled three cards for this question.
The Tower, Reversed
Page of Cups
Ace of Cups

The Tower, reversed, sets a powerful and slightly intimidating tone for this question. It represents the end of self-deception, the crumbling of those stories and half-truths or untruths we've told ourselves for years.

And what will come from that?

The Page of Cups -- Diligent effort applied to rebuild after the loss of innocence or the acceptance of new knowledge or a new belief. The Page of Cups puts energy into things that will make the heart feel better, even though the brain may resist.

This clears the way for a new beginning, the Ace of Cups. Note that the second and third cards after The Tower are both Cups. Not only that, but a Court Card and an Ace. Not just "run of the mill" Cups -- but Cups that have something significant about them: the first one, and one of the Court Cards.

Finally accepting that a long-held deception must be destroyed is not easy.

These cards don't tell us that as a group, we are all deceiving ourselves about the same thing. But the cards remind us of the nature of self-deception and what is possible after something stops self-deception.

What can stop self-deception? New insight or awareness. Facing facts that cannot be denied.  A dramatic piece of news about a situation or person. (What else can stop or put an end to self-deception?)

What have you recently stopped deceiving yourself about?

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