Tarot Musings: January 18, 2023 -- Knight of Cups and The Hierophant

Tarot Musings: January 18, 2023 -- Knight of Cups and The Hierophant

This reading for you, my followers, if you are dealing with an obstacle:

Earlier I wrote about a block preventing us from accomplishing something. Remember, an obstacle has specific attributes. It lies between us and our goal, or the step or task we want to complete.

An obstacle is a presence of something, not an absence. It is not so much a "lack of......" but the "presence of....." something or someone in our way.

Given that understanding of a block or obstacle, how might the Knight of Cups and The Hierophant help us?

The Knight of Cups moves forward on his horse, holding his cup aloft. His horse is looking directly at you. The sky is blue, and the setting is calm -- there is sandy earth and water in the foreground, with green plants, trees and mountains in the background.

This natural environment is hospitable -- there are no storms, no dark clouds, no signs of strong winds blowing.

If you are where you want to be, but you have encountered an obstacle, what to do?

The Hierophant suggests that you get some advice. Consider the opinions and ideas of others. Remember that although you may feel alone, on your horse, riding outdoors, you can -- and probably ought to -- seek the help of others.

Inside a temple or other building, The Hierophant is indoors, and there are people in the foreground communicating with the Hierophant. The Hierophant can be a religious figure, or it can be some other source of wisdom or advice.

The Hierophant can help you gain clarity and think of alternative approaches to dealing with the obstacle.

The central message of these two cards is that if you have encountered an obstacle, remember that you can seek wisdom from others and come up with solutions that you won't think of by yourself.

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