Tarot Musings: January 20, 2023 -- Eight of Pentacles and The Hanged Man

Tarot Musings: January 20, 2023 -- Eight of Pentacles and The Hanged Man

This reading for you, my followers, for this weekend:

The Eight of Pentacles is reversed.

You have been working hard and think you see signs of progress. (While you may be dealing with an obstacle in one area of your life, things are happening in another.)

You can afford to genuinely rest this weekend. The craftsman is reversed, and his array of pentacles is on the wall. Give yourself a well-deserved break.

The second card also indicates a pause — The Hanged Man tells us that action will stop, be suspended.

Decisions can wait to be decided, choices can wait to be made. Patience.

Exercise your patience and know that others who need to come to conclusions, take actions, or make planning decisions will do that, but not right away — certainly not this weekend.

Was your manager or another key person in your life on vacation this week, so decisions were back-burnered until their return?

Patience. If you have difficulty being patient, this reading reminds you that waiting, or even “purposeful procrastination” can benefit you.

Often, I have wished things would happen quickly, but found myself forced to wait by people or circumstances I could not control or even influence.

I had to wait for the effects of those decisions or actions to reach me — like the ripples in a pond or waves of sound that emanate far from from their point of origin.
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