Tarot Musings: January 28, 2023 -- Seven of Pentacles

Tarot Musings: January 28, 2023 -- Seven of Pentacles

This reading for you, my followers, for this weekend:

The Seven of Pentacles.

Waiting to see what the harvest can yield.

This weekend, ask yourself what might bear fruit? What thing have you been working on that could generate an outcome or result?

Worrying and wondering -- the Seven of Pentacles indicates waiting to see what an investment may yield. It also asks what the harvest could be. How well have you tended and cultivated that garden of yours?

What if you are waiting for someone to ask an important question, to bring a relationship to another level, for example?
- Ask yourself this: what have I given to this relationship? What energy have I put into it?
- This is important. Often we expect results from half-hearted acts of cultivation, care and nurturing.
- If you have been haphazard or less than robust in the care and attention you have shown a situation, please do not expect great results, or an abundant harvest.

On the other hand, if you have genuinely put serious effort into something, then you have good reason to expect a significant return or outcome.

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