Tarot Musings: June 2, 2023 – Nine of Swords and Seven of Wands

Tarot Musings: June 2, 2023 – Nine of Swords and Seven of Wands
Nine of Swords and Seven of Wands. On the surface, these two cards present us with pain — often emotional — paired with challenges or attacks from others.
Challenges from others cause pain. Or, being in a pained and weakened state may make you vulnerable to attacks from others.
Both of these cards feature things they work as weapons — swords and wands, swords and clubs.
But in terms of atmospheres, one is night and the other is blue-skied day. Pain and conflict can occur in either environment. And you can experience this in childhood, adolescence or midlife.
If  you decide to be more vulnerable, who do you surround yourself with? Be mindful of that. Being vulnerable, open and honest — can enable you to share a mistaken opinion or self-doubt with others.  This can make you subject to attacks or harmful judgements from others.
Vulnerability is not always the best approach. Please do not make yourself too vulnerable in the presence of people who do not deserve it.
When did you realize you had made yourself too vulnerable? Did you experience harmful consequences because of the actions of others?  Share in the comments.

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