Tarot Musings: March 15, 2023

Tarot Musings: March 15, 2023

I shuffled and drew two cards from the deck for today, for you, my followers: The Emperor and The Fool

Quiet leadership. You have the ability to demonstrate quiet leadership -- although you may not realize it.

This is not "loud and aggressive" leadership that comes from a powerful position or title. It doesn't come from compromising information or a secret you have concerning someone.

It comes from genuine credibility, which you can use to great effect.


You can enhance your credibility through carefully spoken words IF you don't fall victim to the influence of The Fool.

These two figures are very different -- but when they are working in your life at the same time, you can feel a little off-kilter because they pull you in opposite directions.

You may want to give into the "ignore it and it will go away" influence of The Fool, who blissfully goes through life without paying much attention to the risks in the surroundings.

However, the better approach may be to remember The Emperor, who can demonstrate credible, carefully thought-out, rational arguments for positions or decisions.

The Emperor can influence others -- and can gain credibility by doing that.

Think carefully before you speak today. Look for opportunities to not blurt out the first thing that comes to you mind. Instead, think about the most credible way to present your thought, quietly and logically.

You may appeal to someone's emotions, but you can do it through credible, quiet leadership.

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